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Am I able to claim back on my healthcare?2020-09-03T15:49:48+01:00

Some health insurance policies and cashback policies does offer a complimentary therapy allowance however please do check with them. Also, please check the wording, some health insurance policies will offer a pool of funds for sports or deep tissue massage but only if performed by a physiotherapist.

Are you insured/qualified?2020-09-03T15:49:56+01:00

Yes, I am registered and hold my public liability insurance with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (registration number 168959) . I am also registered with the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) an independent accredited register (registration number 000074-C15). As a member of the public you are also able to request that any therapist show proof of insurance and public liability insurance.

Do you offer couples massage?2020-09-03T15:50:11+01:00

No, at least not at the same time. I also would prefer that couples don’t ‘sit in’ on their partner’s session unless a chaperone is requested by the client.

Do you provide treatments for people under 18 years old?2020-09-03T15:50:22+01:00

Yes, however they need to be over 12 years old and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will need to sit in on the session.

Do you provide at work treatments?2020-09-03T15:50:30+01:00

Yes, I can provide Indian head massage or reflexology treatments in your place of work or even at your desk. Discounts can also be arranged for corporate or group bookings, please note that depending on location there may be an additional travel charge.

Please contact me for further information.

I won’t be able to attend my appointment at short notice, what happens now?2020-09-03T15:52:38+01:00

As the saying goes “All the plans of mice and men….”, stuff happens and sometimes it can be outside our control. Please do try and let me know as soon as possible, please note that I do have a 24-hour cancellation policy which can be found here.

I injured myself and I am in severe pain, should I come for a massage/treatment?2020-09-03T15:52:50+01:00

If it is not an A&E emergency and you are in debilitating pain then please either contact your GP as a matter of urgency or call the NHS 111 service. If there is considerable amount of inflammation I will not be able to massage over the area as this will make matters worse. If possible contact me and we can discuss it.

I am under the weather/don’t feel well/got flu, should I still attend my appointment?2020-09-03T15:53:00+01:00

The short answer is NO. Especially if you feel nauseous, dizzy or have a fever. Please contact me as soon as you can and we can see about re-scheduling your appointment.

What if I’m running late for my appointment?2020-09-03T15:53:56+01:00

Any late running will be deducted from your session. If you are later than the times listed below, it’ll be impractical to start the session and you’ll be charged as per the cancellation policy.

Cut-off times for appointments:

  • 30min session – 12min
  • 45min session – 18min
  • 60min session – 24min
Do you offer at home treatments?2020-09-03T15:54:05+01:00

Yes, I can provide any of my services in the comfort of your own home. I would need a space slightly larger than a single bed, that’s relatively quiet and with ample light.  Treatments are offered within zone 1-8 of London, I am able to offer treatments outside that range but please note there will be an additional travel charge.

Please contact me for further information.

Do sports massages or deep tissue massages hurt?2020-09-03T15:54:18+01:00

Yes, it can do, or at least will be very uncomfortable at times – especially if muscles are tense, stiff or holding tension and we do deep tissue, advanced massage techniques or assisted stretching. Please note that I will only ever work within your own personal pain threshold – therefore it’s important to communicate with me. However, if you can withstand some of the pain or discomforts, it will be worth it in the end.

Do I need to wear anything in particular?2020-09-03T15:54:24+01:00

Not really, although please do wear at least underwear. You will be covered with a towel at all times to preserve your modesty. If you will feel more comfortable, you can wear sports shorts – but please make sure they are either short or will allow easy access to upper thighs and or gluteus (bottom), if those are areas you wish treatment on.

I got a headache after my massage (sports/deep tissue massage) – Is this normal?2020-09-03T15:54:32+01:00

Yes, and it could be because of several reasons. During a massage your blood vessels may constrict and then relax causing a change on blood flow. This change in blood flow could bring on a headache. If you become dehydrated or if your blood sugar drops while you are receiving a massage, this may also cause headaches. To avoid this please stay hydrated, before and after a treatment. A small snack an hour before your treatment if you haven’t eaten anything for a few hours, can also help.

My muscles ached the next day/next few days – Is something wrong?2020-09-03T15:54:45+01:00

If the day after your sports/deep tissue massage you wake up and your muscles feel a little sore, and some seem a bit swollen – almost like they’re bruised – or you feel completely wiped out and tired, don’t worry it is perfectly normal for your body to feel a little sore and out-of-whack the day after a massage (as counter-intuitive as it seems.)

For your muscles, getting a deep tissue massage is similar to experiencing a tough workout. The fascia (lining) of our muscles is supposed to be smooth, and work fluidly, however when muscles gets tight, strained or kinked, it becomes more rigid, and will rely on surrounding muscle areas to pitch in and help.

During a session, the massage techniques works to stretch, lengthen, and break up groups of muscles (commonly known as knots), possibly causing tiny micro-tears in the muscle along the way. This is a normal function of massage and, while it leads to more blood flow that area, it can also lead to that day-after tenderness.  Also, if you happen to be dehydrated on the day of your massage, your muscle tissue will not be as pliable, and you will feel more soreness afterwards.

Does massage/drinking water flush toxins?2020-09-03T15:54:55+01:00

There is no persuasive or singular study/research that shows massage releases toxins that then need to be flushed away. There is possibly an increase in certain metabolites after a massage, but these molecules are by-products of normal metabolic activity, are not toxic and do not need to be flushed away. Incidentally the widespread belief that massage can help to remove lactic acid from sore muscles and/or that lactic acid is harmful have also been disproved by a 2010 study and found that post exercise massage didn’t remove lactic acid effectively either way.

Do I need to avoid exercise after my treatment?2020-09-03T15:55:07+01:00

It’s advisable not to do any exercise for the remainder of the day (if you had a morning appointment) and at least 24 hours afterwards.

Will reflexology/massage cure my condition?2020-09-03T15:55:16+01:00

Unfortunately not. Although reflexology work on the body as a whole it is more focused on rebalancing the natural healing energy (or if you will capability of the body) than working on specific conditions. Conversely although massage may be beneficial for many conditions as a non-medical professional I will never go so far as saying it will ‘cure’ any specific conditions.

I’ve had one massage, why am I not fixed?2020-09-03T15:55:25+01:00

Probably because the cause of your injury didn’t happen overnight the chance of one singular treatment rectifying any particular issue is fairly unlikely. Massage is not a miracle cure and the benefits of massage is more cumulative.

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