Vitamin D essential for good health.

For healthy muscles and bones it is essential to get regular vitamin D, produced in the skin by soaking up some sun it can also be found in foods such as orange juice, red meat, dairy products and oily fish.

It is recommended by Public Health England to have a daily intake of 10micrograms of Vitamin D, which if you eat a balanced and healthy diet combined with getting outside during spring and summer will easily net you that 10 micrograms. During autumn and winter however, it is worth considering taking some daily supplements due to the lack of sunlight.

It is also suggested that people from South Asian, African or Afro-Caribbean backgrounds should consider year-round supplements as it could be difficult for them to get enough vitamin D even during summer.

The France, Germany, Netherlands, Nordic countries and the USA, already have similar guidelines and recommendations in place.

Source: Public Health England