I qualified as a therapist in 2012 after over 10 years working in corporate and retail environments.

Having worked in corporate offices, retail shops and warehouses I  know just how hard these settings can be on the body and that’s before we talk about all the little bad habits that sets in to, what we think, will make life easier.

Sports massage isn’t just for sporty people, like athlete’s and those that goes to the gym every day, its also for teachers, singers, office workers and anybody else that struggle day to day with tension or muscle pain.

You don’t have to go through your day in pain, or with so much tension you feel you cant move properly, using my different qualifications I create a personalised session based on your body and what’s going on with you.

Aiden Van Graan MFHT


  • ITEC Level 3 Massage Techniques

  • ITEC Level 3 Sport Massage

  • Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

  • VTCT Level 3 Reflexology (2013)

  • VTCT Level 3 Indian Head Massage