Sports Massage

Sports massage is ideal for the part time athlete, regular fitness buff, the occasional gym visitor that needs a little help stretching or for the weekend warrior or desk jockey that needs a specific injury treated.

What is it and what is it good for?

I’ll use a range of techniques, such as trigger point and cross friction, on the soft tissue of the affected area to reduce tension, improve range, mobility and the condition of the muscles.

Quite often I’ll use thumbs, the heal of my hand and even my elbow to carry out these techniques. Assisted stretching and muscle energy techniques could also be used. And yes it can be uncomfortable and even painful, but don’t let that put you off its “good pain”.

I’ll tailor your sports massage sessions to your needs. It could be focused on helping the effective healing of injury (in conjunction with other medical therapies). Or they can be regular maintenance sessions to prevent those niggling injuries that get in the way of you staying at peak performance – whatever your physical activity or goals are.

What to expect from your first session:

  • A consultation will be done where we discuss the issues, ask a few lifestyle questions and cover any other areas that may be relevant.

  • A quick posture analysis may be carried out just to see if the issues could potentially be caused by any postural anomalies

  • During the massage there will be regular check-ins with you about the pressure and level of pain you’re experiencing

  • The session will finish with some aftercare and, if needed, demonstrations of stretches that will be beneficial.

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